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     I hired Beckton Carpet Cleaning Company last week and I have to say, I was a house cleaning service of the highest order.
Ana F19/05/2020
     This is the top cleaning company. They are affordable and do the job well.
Norman D.19/09/2019
     I was going to be away and my husband isn't a fan of the cleaning. I decided to have a cleaner from Beckton Carpet Cleaning Company come in and do most of the cleaning. Safe to say my husband liked the house clean so much, this company is a regular in our lives now.
Amy M.01/12/2015
     Being a working couple, we cannot dedicate as much time as we would like to house cleaning. The bathroom and kitchen required urgent deep cleaning; the tiles were stained and looked dirty. We hired BecktonCarpetCleaners and their team turned things around for us. The crew left no stone unturned and cleaned up the whole place in 4 hours flat. We shall keep hiring their services to make sure the grime around the house does not come back.
     My friends all thought I'd had brand-new carpets put into my home after BecktonCarpetCleaners and one of their carpet cleaning team had cleaned them! The results were shocking, and I can't believe I'd never noticed how unclean my carpets were before. I'll be getting my carpets cleaned here again, thanks for such a great service!
Bradley K.29/01/2015
     It's certainly nice to be able to leave a positive review rather than having to leave a scathing one. While I'm not normally bothered about opening up about the negative aspects of a service, I'm happy to report that everything BecktonCarpetCleaners did was perfectly suited to my needs. Rather than having to worry about when I'd be able to clean all the little features around the home, I know that I can just give them a call now and everything will be properly handled. Really excellent service, thanks so much guys.
Anthony Sims07/01/2015
     I own a small business and hiring professional cleaners is a responsibility I take seriously. I tried to make do with a janitor for a couple of weeks but there was always too much cleaning for one person and I didn't want to trust the safety of fragile (and costly) office goods to just anyone. A local business manager spoke to me about BecktonCarpetCleaners and the great experience they'd had with the office cleaning team. I've now worked with the cleaners a couple of times and I am pleased by the results every time.
Jason T.19/09/2014
     I love to kick back and relax, though sometimes it pays to take things seriously. So I hired BecktonCarpetCleaners to help me with chores - or the cleaning in other words. This place gets turned upside down on a regular basis, so leaving the cleaning to the professionals is an option I've got to turn to now and again. I took a bit of a gamble, hiring a low cost cleaning service like this company, but thankfully I hit the jackpot! My place looks awesome after they were finished with it - they just provided a great service! What else is there to say?
Danny E.29/08/2014
     You cannot discount the importance of the office cleaner. I find that many of my staff don't even know that we have a cleaner here, just like my teenage sons don't really recognize how much I have to put up with in tidying up after them! I find that BecktonCarpetCleaners are always on point with making sure that the office looks its best, and you cannot argue with their prices. A fantastic company who give a great clean for an amazing price, you would be hard pushed to find a better office cleaning firm. Many thanks to all there.
Stephanie M.31/07/2014
     I knew that I wouldn't have the time to thoroughly clean my three bedroom house when I moved out and so calling a cleaning company was the right choice for me. BecktonCarpetCleaners helped me so much with my house clean, and my moving process was made much easier with their professional assistance! Everything from the carpets to the picture rails was thoroughly cleaned and there was nothing that was forgotten about or neglected. I've never used an end of tenancy cleaning service before but this one was absolutely sublime! 10/10 for quality and service, I couldn't be more thrilled!
Lily G.08/07/2014

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